I was born in Madrid, Spain, where I lived and studied until I came to live in London in 1997, where my artistic path truly began. I studied a BA in Ceramics Fine Art at Camberwell University of the Arts, London. Since then I have been working in my studio creating work for different exhibitions, international competitions and private collectors.

I also work in the public arts sphere, I have delivered worshops since 2002, working with community organizations, artists, companies and social enterprises across Europe and work on various private commissions.


I am an artist exploring the human condition and its connection to the natural world. My inspiration is from the beautiful, fierce and fascinating environments around us, and also from my thoughts and feelings about our sometimes problematic relationship to them.

My body of work has aimed to spark some thought on man’s place in the natural world, through the creation of striking juxtapositions, strange metamorphoses and multi-layered surreal images. I intend to instil a sense of wonder by creating a magic realism of sculpture.

I like to work with porcelain for its luminous and translucent qualities, as well as its challenging combination of strength and fragility; for me it is like a tempting white clay canvas. I feel that the resulting organic character of the final pieces enhances the themes & subjects of my work.

To view a monograph of my work, click on An Investigation Of The Perilous Times: The Sculptures Of Maria Alvarez Echenique