Terrasigillata Course with Avelino

Last year I took a group of my ceramic students to experience the magic of  Terrasigillatas with Avelino Carrasco and Angie in Madrigal de la Vera, Spain. A beautiful experience, we all have a great time! Unfortunately due to Covid-19 my classes have stopped and other students couldn’t enjoy this experience! Hopefully we will come back next year!


Mazchenik at Hackney Clay Dreamers. Ceramic online shop

I have open an online shop called Hackney Clay Dreamers with another two ceramic artists based in Hackney, East London. You will be able to get handcrafted functional ware and garden ornaments at affordable prices that will bring art and beauty into your daily life.

Check our new  shop https://hackneyclaydreamers.bigcartel.com/


National Thrust Avebury Manor Garden. Outdoor sculpture exhibition 2019

‘Cosmic Circles’ is Maria’s homage to prehistoric Avebury and our Neolithic ancestors. Avebury, like many groups of standing stones in Europe, is based on circles. Inspiration also came from Chinese Neolithic Bi-disks: these often have cosmological imagery, while theories about the cosmological and ritual significance of Avebury’s stone circles abound.

The discs are mainly black clay and porcelain. The patterns, textures and colours are achieved using the nerikomi technique, this leaves the final ‘organic’ appearance to the complex transformations that occur during firing at high temperature.

Her final installation will present 50 disks and it will be on display at The National Trust in Avebury Manor gardens from September until October 2019.

Terrasigillatas with Avelino Carrasco

I had the great pleasure to be the Spanish/English translator at the Terrasigillata Master course run by Avelino Carrasco in Madrigal de la Vera. It was great to share the experience with such a beautiful group of people, full of ceramic knowledge, enthusiasm & love, we had such a good fun!❤️ Thanks Avelino & Angie!