Roots Growth-US. 5TH Moscow Biennale

My participation at the Moscow Art Biennial special event has helped me to develop ideas in a personal and professional way while working with other professionals from different parts of the world.  I had also some time to explore the magnificent and busy city with its majestic Red Square and beautiful Cathedral of St Basil and other numerous historical buildings, art galleries & museums.

A special Thanks goes to Mayu Ogawa, the curator and artist and co-curator Andrey Martynov and of course all the artists and helpers, who made it happen: Anna Gumennaya, Eva Bachmann, Constantine Malyutin, Alexandra Mitlyanskaya, Vladimir Martynov, Gery De Smet, IPP Group: Masako Yasuki, Keita Hayashi, Minoru Morikawa…

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