Surface – Exhibition at Aspex Gallery

Ceramic exhibition in Aspex craft and design Gallery, Portsmouth, Uk from the 4th of March until the 19th April 2015.

Surface showcases the work of two ceramicists exploring their differing approaches to producing colourful ceramic pieces. Both artists have focused on final outcomes while considering the processes, influences and material techniques used to create their work.

The exhibition runs from March 4 until April 19, and features the work of Maria Alvarez Echenique and Martin Snelling.


Visit the gallery Wednesday-Sunday and see these beautiful examples of two very different approaches towards ceramics.

The artists, in their own words:

Maria Alvarez Echenique: “I am a ceramic artist exploring the human condition and its connection to the natural world. My overall inspiration come from the beautiful, fierce and fascinating environments around us…I intend to instill a sense of wonder by creating a magic realism of sculpture.”

Martin Snelling: “I refer to myself as a ceramicist, potter and maker…My pots are vehicles for surface decoration, if you can eat or drink out of them, even better; but looking at and discussing the images placed on the pieces should give equal pleasure.”

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