Clink St Ceramics Display “The Light Of The Past Into The Future’

A display of new works at Click Street Ceramics from the 23/09 until the 30/11 2023

For this particular display my main influences are Jomon culture Dogū (from prehistoric Japan) and Pre-Columbian figurines from Central and South America. These are the launching pad from which my imagination took flight, incorporating aspects of the natural world, and visions of the future.

My craft techniques include throwing and hand building, exploring the use of clay in its more primitive form, using ancient firing processes such as smoke firing to achieve specific combinations of natural colours, without the use of glazing materials.

Material qualities are intensified by the traces of the fire, utilising the elements of water, air and earth in the form of clay in all their infinite variety, producing results with earthy colours and patterns giving a unique character, form and beauty to the pieces.

More info about a celebratory event to mark the beginning of the display will follow soon!

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