Terrasigillatas with Avelino Carrasco

I had the great pleasure to be the Spanish/English translator at the Terrasigillata Master course run by Avelino Carrasco in Madrigal de la Vera. It was great to share the experience with such a beautiful group of people, full of ceramic knowledge, enthusiasm & love, we had such a good fun!❤️ Thanks Avelino & Angie!

Fringe Arts Bath “Still We Rise”

This piece was exhibited during the Fringe Arts Bath Radical Social Practice show 2018.

“Still We Rise” is a personal homage to women artists, musicians and writers who have inspired and empowered me and many other women to raise our voices and grow our courage to maintain the strength, passion and vision in our lives.

Inspired by the roots of our Neolithic women ancestors, she stands to be seen by all, with determination and kindness. Through her veins runs fluently the power of many women and their visions, her horns symbolizing nourishment and determination and nature as an intrinsic part of herself.

“Still We Rise” aims to create a space for dialogue around cultural identity and genre, given a voice to the many valuable contributions of women and their personal histories into our culture.

Avebury Sculpture Exhibition 2018

“The Layers Of Time”, was an installation comprising several pieces made with a variety of clays thrown on the potter’s wheel in combination with glass and a variety of glazes, exhibited and sold at an exhibition at Avebury Manor in the summer 2018. While the pieces do take inspiration from nature, they don’t mimic actual plants, they are obviously man-made, just as the standing stone circles are made; so, in homage to prehistoric Avebury, the ‘well-weathered’ crater glazes mirror the passage of time on the stones, while the vital spirit and beauty of the ancient creation is celebrated with the brilliant colours of the melted glass.

Intensive throwing with Avelino and Anji Carrasco in Madrigal de La Vera

It was lovely to spend some time learning new throwing skills with Avelino Carrasco, great studio and beautiful company.

Avebury Dance- Ceramic Installation

“Avebury Dance”, was an installation comprising 38 pieces, exhibited and sold at an exhibition at Avebury Manor in the summer 2017.

“Avebury Dance” was inspired by the beautiful and ancient landscape of Avebury, by the strength and vigour in the growth of plants, and by nature’s forms, colours and textures.

The luminous and translucent porcelain pieces emerge in a spiritual dance of endurance and fragility. Filled with water they can provide baths for passing birds or, holding tea lights, they can brighten up the evening.