Intensive throwing with Avelino and Anji Carrasco in Madrigal de La Vera

It was lovely to spend some time learning new throwing skills with Avelino Carrasco, great studio and beautiful company.

Avebury Dance- Ceramic Installation

“Avebury Dance”, was an installation comprising 38 pieces, exhibited and sold at an exhibition at Avebury Manor in the summer 2017.

“Avebury Dance” was inspired by the beautiful and ancient landscape of Avebury, by the strength and vigour in the growth of plants, and by nature’s forms, colours and textures.

The luminous and translucent porcelain pieces emerge in a spiritual dance of endurance and fragility. Filled with water they can provide baths for passing birds or, holding tea lights, they can brighten up the evening.

Glebe Rd Summer Open Studio

Open Studios weekend!!! Join us on the 15-16th of July from 12-6pm.

I will be exhibiting the work I made in the residency in Japan as well as some new work inspired by this amazing journey.
You will also be able to browse and buy ceramics directly from 12 ceramic artists based at Glebe Road Studios. The visitor will have the opportunity to talk to the artists and designers about their work. Their will also be demonstrations of techniques and budding makers will be given the chance to have a go on the potter’s wheel.

Ceramic Residency with Megumu Horiuchi

A few highlight from my residency in Osaka, Japan. It was a great journey and ceramic experience! Megumu Horiuchi, a wonderful master ceramicist, shared many different Japanese techniques with us and showed us the amazing arts and ceramics from Osaka, Kyoto and Shigaraki. I loved Japan!!!!

Ceramic residency in Japan

Ceramic residency in Japan

Exciting ceramic adventure in Osama, Japan! Over the next month I will be sharing in this blog my Japanese experiences, especially ceramic ones! I will attempt to immerse myself in the culture and meet friends and new people! 

Keep en eye on this blog and don’t hesitate to write comments,  they  are always welcome!