Hackney Utopians At Abney Park

To culminate the  ‘Hackney Utopians’ art project at Abney Park, we would like to invite you to our exhibition at Stoke Newington Gallery, which open Thursday 29th of September  until Sunday 2nd of October.

The exhibition will include works by:

Hackney Utopian’s Collective http://hackneyutopians.blogspot.com/; Eva Bachmann, Frank Creber and myself and our special guess artist Mina Nelson. It will also include the works made in collaboration with the local community at the Family Arts Week in Abney Park.

Join us!

Hackney Utopians in Abney Park

Everyone had great fun and produced beautiful work!

One of the highlights was an improvised, creative and magical funeral ceremony and burial for Mrs Rat, which some of the children came up with on their own initiative, though obviously inspired by their surroundings!

Many Thanks to Abney Park Trust for their help and letting us put this on, to the wonderful volunteers Nina and Delphine, and especially to everyone who came and participated.

Check this blog for more info about our exhibition in September where the Hackney Utopian’s will exhibit the work produced by the community in Abney Park alongside their own work.