A Sureal day in the Library & Video

A Surreal Day in the Library: Silent Cacophony in Hackney 11-11-13

By Nik Storey

Hackney based sculptor and ceramicist Maria Alvarez Echenique chose this location because the original library had been completely destroyed at about 4.30pm on the 4th of January 1945, when it received a direct hit from a V2 rocket, killing many people including library staff and schoolchildren.

After discussion with the staff at the library, Maria has decided to place her installation ‘Glimmers of Hope’ on the first floor, next to a memorial plaque to the two library assistants who had been killed in the attack.

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Silent Cacophony at Dalston C.L.R James Library

Images of the installation for Silent Cacophony on the 11-11-13 as part of Silent Cacophony event. Many thanks to Platform 7, Nik Storey, Eva Bachmenn (Photographs) and all the people who support me during the day.